Oct 16, 2010

Nokia N900

The new Series Of Nokia with Linux Operating System, Maemo 5.

Nokia’s products is very familiar with hand-phone’s lovers. With their new series Nokia N900, Nokia N900 is already using a new operating system of Linux, that is not used of most Nokia series before like symbian.

The new series like this has used a linux operating system like Linux Maemo, the one of open source’s operating system that give a new multitasking fitur, web browsing, touch screen, and slide-out keyboard.

With using Maemo 5 open sources software, it can give you more experiences from a little PC, said Nokia. Maemo’s operating system could make possible or user can able to run some applications with the same time.

The executive of marketing president, Anssi Vanjoki says in the press conference about strength and specification of a Nokia’s new product. He believes that operating system like Maemo is combination of computers strength, internet, and handphone.

Special specification of Nokia N900 is ARM Cortex-A8 processor, application memory 1GB, 32GB of storage capacities (expandable to 48GB with MicroSD card), and slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Although Nokia dubs tablet set, that size 4,4 inch with 2,4 inch fitur, and 3,5 inch of widescreen display.

It also already filled up with Mozilla’s browser and Adobe Flash 9.4 support, their set supplies 10/2 High Packet Access (HSPA) for mobile broadband speed, and also with LAN nircable connection.

The new phone of Nokia N900 is a next generation from Nokia N800 dan N810, that release at 2007. Nokia N800 was for sale about $ 300, whereas N810 about $ 400.

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