Oct 16, 2010

Nokia X6 16 GB, Play with Colors.

After we have wrote about Nokia X9 series yesterday which gave us how important for us to be careful about bought of nokia products today. Now we will help you to know about nokia products called Nokia X6 16GB.

After several months since it launch, present day Nokia just release a newer version there is X6 model 16GB.  The new generation of this Nokia X6 has a more big storage capacities that users will able to save more songs and it also available with black, white with pink combination, and white with yellow combination colors. At the same time, Nokia X6 16GB also has a touch screen display with 3.1 inches that give interaction of multimedia more excited.

But with internal storage 16 GB, this phone is enough to filled about 5.500 tracks of song. With symbian 60 operating system, a camera with 5 megapixel, 2 LED flash lights, also quad-band network GSM and 3-band 3G.

This series also completed with a browser and Flash Lite animation application. For guide of location, this stuff also added with GPS that completed with the new Ovi Maps like sound navigated, for the trip on your wheels or just walking around.

“with using the latest operating system from Symbian^1 Nokia X6 16GB also offers an endurance of battery up to 18 hours, Standby mode 11.5 hours, talk time (GSM) 11.5 hrs, 4.5 hrs for playing video and 35 hours for playing tracks with nonstop. That’s already enough for played about 12% from the whole tracks that saved on entire memory or storage.” Told nokia’s conversation at their posted.

Added fitur that Nokia X6 16GB has include Ovi Maps, which offer to users to do calls with free and navigation setting. Not only that, this handset is already programmed with spore game, manufactured by EA and DJ Mix Tour from Gameloft, the news is, Nokia X6 16GB will be launch to public on the first quartal of 2010, that prices more bit low from the original prices. it’s too bad, there’s not mention exactly the price of handset. If you looking for the details about Nokia X6 16GB, read more here.

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