Oct 25, 2010

Nokia N971

Perhaps of a new Nokia series with X Series like X2, X6 and their new product called X9 we are really forgot about their N series, shortness we can called that Nokia N971. This must be underlined that Nokia wants their supremacy is back with their N series as the king of multimedia’s phone. If previous version Nokia 5800 Xpress Music was not excited or low prestigious with standard features, N971 has a specification that guaranteed will make us feel exciting with features and high technology.

This is the first handset with internal memory up to 32 GB (that capacities more larger than notebook using SSD) and also be the first with “social location” concept that using A-GPS sensor and electronic compass. That concept was claimed surely important to update information of your status in social web easily.

One thing that make Nokia N971 very feasible used as plays station, a touch screen with 3,5 inches wide 16:9. For anyone loves type mode there is QWERTY keyboard with slider (looks like windows mobile phone). Surely virtual touch input also can still be used. For buttons, only using three lines to makes more places, but looks like there is hasn’t a numeric button. It could be a difficult condition or nothing at all. Their own display can be setting the corner of tilt angle and looks like HTC TyTN II.

whereas for battery capability, N971 was claimed could playing music nonstop up to 1,5 days or similar with 36 hours. The camera, although still has 5 MP with Carl Zeiss lens. And the video could records with 16:9 aspect ratios which have similar quality with DVD.

Talking about prices, this handset in bandrol with 550 EURO in whole nation of European states.  Whereas for specification of this handset, you can read more at here.

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